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What is A Transformation Group?

Transformation Groups are our plan to take the church beyond the "four walls" and into the cities and neighborhoods where we live.

In order to transform culture for the Kingdom, we must have three things: healthy connections, apostolic discipleship tools, and Biblical principles that work.

These groups aren't designed to replace your corporate Ekklesia meeting, but to ignite and accelerate transformation and supernatural change in you and your spheres of influence as you continue the conversation surrounding the Biblical concepts of IDENTITY, ALIGNMENT, EMPOWERMENT, AND ASSIGNMENT.


Why start a group?

In effect, you'll learn how to-- 

ūüĒ• Discover your God-given redemptive design.

ūüĒ• Build Biblical community and connect with people on a local level in authentic and easy ways

ūüĒ• Learn about God's calendar and how you can align your time and resources with His Kingdom

ūüĒ• Practically walk¬†in¬†the presence¬†of Jesus, with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit

ūüĒ• See your prayers answered as you take the Good News out into the world where people already are, rather than waiting for them to "come and see"


Who can host a group?

Anyone with a passion for Kingdom transformation and harvest. We will provide you with all the resources you need! We recommend you have at least one leader and an admin to help you with communications. 


How do Transformation Groups work best?

We have found through our experience that these conversations and experiences are best facilitated among a small group of people (around 4-5 couples or 10 individuals) over a period of 4-6 weeks, where you can really dig deep into the Word of God and the materials provided, have authentic conversations, and apply practical exercises to see what works on an day-to-day basis.


What resources are necessary?

A Transformation Workbook (we provide you with a free pdf version), by Kent and Beverly Mattox

A 4-part video series of Transformational teaching, with Kent Mattox

A Leaders Guide to help guide your conversation and provide some structure.


How long are these groups supposed to last?

We are currently working on a schedule that will become more seasonally focused on specific principles and surround the Biblical feasts and times of the Lord (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall).

This way, you can schedule these groups around God's calendar and also take breaks throughout the year.

This will be released very soon, but you are free to go ahead and get started today and go through it all at your own pace!


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